The Cuff Lounge
6:30 PM18:30

The Cuff Lounge

Good food. Good drinks. Good conversation.

What once started as an icebreaker game amongst friends, Cuff quickly turned into a hit that kept guests entertained. From a dating card game to radio morning shows to television production, Cuff quickly gained the attention of young professionals. 

Whether it’s being played in a private setting or at a large event, Cuff lets singles and couples alike come together to discuss the attractions of fate and love.

Designed to attract a mature audience and influencers, Cuff brings a sexy, more entertaining vibe to a person’s evening, from steamy icebreakers to attention-grabbing conversations—Cuff is like no other. And now you can be a part of the experience! 

Good food. Good drinks. Good conversation. Welcome to the Cuff Lounge: Live! 

Sponsored by Remy Martin offering complimentary drinks all night!

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